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We are your delivery and courier experts.  Best in class customer service and pricing, you can be sure we are there for you!

About Us

Your Delivery Super Heroes

We have one mission in mind and that is to get your goods moved from point A to B, both fast and affordably.

Providing you with a dedicated and dependable delivery and courier team to handle shipping to both the local and surrounding communities. With both on demand and scheduled delivery services, top notch customer service and simple scheduling, getting your shipment moved has never been easier. 

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Simple, just submit your request on our website and a Birddog Representative will follow up with you shortly.

If a request is submitted after business hours a representative will contact you in the morning. 

Contact us through our careers page and we can talk! Get ready for an awesome and energetic work environment.

We offer our services for Sacramento and it’s surrounding Counties. If you have larger orders, or are a larger client, we can spread our wings further for you and go Inter-State. Please contact us to learn more. 

In its original meaning, a Bird Dog is a hunting dog that gets the prey for a hunter.  

In our term, a Bird Dog is a courier.

Office Hours – Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM

We are licensed, and insured. 

Let The Bird Dogs Handle It.

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